US-based Kenyan event promoters trash Akothee after her rants on social media


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Sarah Okindo, US-based Kenyan event promoter has come out to defend herself, after the Kenyan controversial singer Akothee came out guns blazing stating that she was mishandled by the promoter.

Taking to Instagram in a lengthy post, The Award winning artiste explained the events that took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, calling out on Sarah Okinda,who she claimed, invited her to perform and raise funds for the Akothee foundation and ended up mishandling her.

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Akothee, known for her flashy lifestyle, came out complaining about the substandard hotel she was booked into, a day prior to her performance, venue changing,and her manager being dumped out in the cold.

Following her revelations, Sarah Okinda who did not take her allegations laying down, released whats app conversations between her and Akothee, receipts and also took to Facebook where she had a live chat to explain her side of the story.

Below are more details including videos and social media posts concerning the Sarah- Akothee brawl.

#akothee story in Minneapolis. Live interview with Sarah Okindo Watch👇

Posted by Glayonce Pinky on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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Mum I hope all I will say here is truth and God be my witness. You invited me to Minneapolis based on you wanting to promote and support Akothee foundation, My guts refused several times and I told my management I had other commitments in Nigeria on the 2nd, I was forced to cancel my flight to attend mineapolis show🙏🏾, @rumbanotes had paid for return flights on the 31st from Dallas to Paris, you ordered my manager to cancel the tickets and that you will buy new tickets for the 4th from mineapolis, ,Seattle Paris🙊, 4 days before the show ,you changed the venue and asked my manager tomake a new poster for new venue which he did, wanted prior dinner with me and your friends and I told my management that I dont engage before my perfomance, this was for your own good, you said you had people who wanted to donate for Akothee foundation, and manager told you that we can do that after the show🙏🏾, you came to the airport with your family with just one car 🙈well I love children so it wasn't a problem for me,but we could hardly fit in🙊, you checked me into a budget hotel,I still kept my calm ,I was tired so I slept , the following day , you only checked Me into the hotel at 7.30 PM, I needed rest ,so I slept for 2 hours and was awake by 10.00 PM, I was ready for the show by 12.00 but there was no car to take me to the venue ,and you had not given the manager the balance 🤔 , you came to pick me up at 1.30 and we arrived at the venue at 2.00am 🙊 you driving like crazy on the road because fans were tired and leaving the venue , I was afraid for my life 🙆‍♂️ after the show, I still created time and had a photo session with fans, then boom, I was left in the cold, with no car to drive me back to the hotel , you left me in your car for almost 15 minutes 😭 then a gentleman came with your car keys and drove me back to the hotel with your instructions 🙏🏾 I was happy to see my bed 🙏🏾you then became mad as to why I was taken to the hotel with your car, mom how was I supposed to get back ? You then got your car back. Drove off and dumped my manager in the cold 🙏🏾with no means of transport to come back to the hotel 🙏🏾mum we were your guests , what happened ,

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Wait a minute, are you kidding me? who is Sara talking too with the name Esther Akothee ? Yet he demanded to talk to the Artist directly after cancelling the tickets and hotel 🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️ wait I am going crazy now. What is this woman talking about , when was this which number is this ,what's cash ap Wait this thing is deeper than I thought, can we all get sober and help me figure out all this rubbish @okindosarah are you out of your mind? Or did someone corn you in my name 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ if someone corned you in my name, why dint you collect courage and ask me while you were busy telling me all your family challenges? By the time We were done with lunch ,you had already poured out your heart to me, 🙊which I understand as a woman, but hey , did you just set up this conversation now? Because things blew out ! Or are you kidding me? Sara you know we have laws right ! And I am not one of those primitive artists whom you can sway around your way! Give evidence of this being me or I take it head with you ? Chieth , everything recieved for the foundation is posted here ! Why is yours on the low, did you collect money from your friend and failed to deliver for the foundation ? I HAVE NO COMMUNICATION WITH YOU apart from when we had lunch and the story was all about your family challenges, I could not even have my lunch in peace, come explain this ,Or I get back to AMERICA

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