Under no circumstance should you google your symptoms!

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Many of us have found ourselves in uncanny situations after an attempt to know our bodies ailment by ourselves.

Just about anyone with Internet access and a body that occasionally goes haywire has had the experience of googling their symptoms and watching, horrified, as the results stream in.

Every simple sign that you may experience with your body, could be a serious condition when googled.

The thousands of symptoms that match your not so serious condition and diagnoses could simple send you from a healthy person to your death bed.

Headache = brain tumor! Sharp pain in your side = punctured lung! Sore post-workout legs = deep vein thrombosis! pain on your breast=cancer! Coughing = tuberculosis! fever and red = Ebola and soon you’ll be dead.


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Googling your symptoms seldom brings any wisdom, instead end up showing the same symptoms you googled one by one.

Its not the body, its all in your head!

Spending time furiously searching symptoms on your Phone, then declaring you’ve got X, Y, or Z can be downright dangerous. First off, it can keep you from getting the help you actually need.

Though the internet has the answer to everything, It is advisable to restrain from acting on Dr.Google, instead, why don’t you take your symptoms to a doctor because treatment doesn’t come from reading an article.


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