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Okanga 700

Okanga 700 is the current and the longest serving president of Technical University of Mombasa. Ladies believe that a leader in campus is the best person to date since most of them are morraly upright hence a better treatment to them. Believe me not, from the looks, outfits, height and other physical appearances, ladies have chose him over any other to be the best person they can quarantine with in this trying times of Covid-19.

Jamaa Flani

The mostly known photographer is one of the top 100 influential students in Kenya. Ladies have said that they like people who love cu and adventure. Does Jamaa Flani, as his best moments is when he has a 3D cannon camera in his palm. Ladies would easily fall for this man sine shoots and fun is their number one moments too. One of the ladies said that when she quarantine with Jamaa Fulani, she’s sure enough that internal shoots be it in darkness or brightness they’d be recommendable when exposed the quarantine memories to a fellow lady.

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Jacklinus Otiato

Well, many campus ladies who have mentioned about Otiato said that they’d feel so secure to be around the campus politician because of his fame and body muscles in the appearance. They do like muscles since the output force of attraction would be recommendable.

Eugene Musungu

Ladies said that from the time he was elected as the Accommodation secretary, he has been doing tremendous outfits that have made most of them having a crush on the top campus politician.

#A_real_comrade wouldn't have spared #Portipha's_wife., #GoalGoal.

Posted by Eugene Musungu on Sunday, March 15, 2020


George Ali as Jowi is an influencer, a master planner and a great man. Out of this, he’s one of famous students in the campus. Ladies said that just mentioning the name “Jowi” and how it sound they believe quarantining with the engineer they’ll be more secure and be starring at the best smiles of the celebrity.

Harry Sululu

His smile alone makes campus ladies so weak on their knees. The academic secretary and presidential aspirant has been killing campus ladies. Most of them said that being in his initiative “Warembo na Sululu” they already feel heaven in campus. They’d therefore prefer to quarantine with the top presidential aspirant in the campus.

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You should have grounds



Gee vin

Good.but not very realistic a perfect blogger would rather be 98 truth with a touch of polished lie.must go beyond the normal curve. Read more books and other blog posts


Gee vin

Good.but not very realistic a perfect blogger would rather be 98 truth with a touch of polished lie.must go beyond the normal curve. Read more books and other blog posts


Just an Opinion

To make a good blogger you have to focus above the believable PR.notably I commend your work but make it diverse go for the ignored part that brings out humanity. All the best

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Mavin Mabonga

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  • Haungeeka otiato hapo because no lady dreams to have him according to the romours around the hostel…..

    • 🙄🙄🙄Ulikosa watu …..nini

  • Not really, hao umewaeka hapo ni politicians, there are many handsome men in TUM that people would want to spend time with but you haven’t mentioned them😎 do your research well usieke mtu coz of his political status😂
    Anyway good job

    • Thank you for your comment stay tuned.^MM

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