Technical University of Mombasa Politician’s Fact files

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There are several politicians and leaders in technical university of Mombasa but most of student don’t know who they are, what they are, what they’ve done and what they are about to do. Rada blogger and witter has been able to to reach out to some of them, interviewed them to get more about them. Here is a list of prominent leaders and politicians in TUM.

George (Jowi)

George can be described as a prominent leader in Technical University of Mombasa. The 24years old man has been a leader from eternity.George managed to be a school captain in two primary schools he attended. Later on when he joined secondary school, he served as a deputy captain (academic) in form 2 and a school captain both in form 3 and 4.

In 2018, He was elected as a delegate in TUMSA elections. He’s currently a Parliamentarian and an aspirant as Secretary general in TUMSA 2020/21 Executive elections under The Comrades Alliance (TCA). As a parliamentarian, he managed to push for electoral justice whereby today both Congress and Executive elections in TUM are held within the same period. Jowi’s dream is to climb to the top most position in the hierarchy of Kenya’s politics.

Engineer Samomo

Samomo is a student studying engineering course. He’s currently vying for speaker in TUMSA 2020/21 congress house. His political career and ambitions started while in high school when he vied for school captain unfortunately lost by 2 votes. He has been a student leader at The University of Eldoret before he joined Technical University of Mombasa. As a leader and a politician, he hasn’t achieved much but at least he understand the aspect of leadership and politics in the society. His dream is to promote leadership in the society and eradicate the nation that politicians are not leaders.

Isaac Otieno (Simbaa)

Otieno Simbaa is a man from Siaya County just a throw stone distance from Obama’s village, He served as a kitchen prefect back in 2013. During his secondary education he served as the school captain and was awarded the best Captain and the most influential student leader of the year (2016-2017).

He later joined Technical University of Mombasa late 2018. Ever since he has served as the class representative.
In the year 2019 Otieno Simba joined a Hali Africa Movement with the interest of fighting for human rights.
Still in the year 2019, he also joined FAST ACTION MOVEMENT which together they have managed to fight over SGR MONOPOLIZATION.

Otieno Simba policy is mainly based on HUMANITY ACTISM KNOWLEDGE and INTEGRITY.

Komrade Apunda

Apunda is a student and a politician at Technical University of Mombasa. He has been a leader thought his time in school, that’s, from prefect in primary school and a school captain in High School.

However, his interest in political arena grew so strong in 2017 general elections. He took part as one of the chief campaigners of Hon. John Otieno the current Kobura ward MCA.

Together with other TUM leaders, Apunda formed a constituency level Association of comrades where they managed to secure a number of bursaries.

He is also the Pioneer of The Famous Otenga Family in TUM .According to this family,he’s looking forward to nature more leaders in and around TUM. Currently ,the family has at least 10 aspiring comrades within TUM and at least 5 aspiring for seats outside the University Arena. The Present Vincent Awiti of JOUST ,is one of the Otenga deep state seniors as well as RONGO University incoming SG,Felix Ongere not forgetting Edward SG ,at Sangalo institute in the Western Region.

His grandfather was a councilor. This built confidence in him as a young leader and he has been growing with a positive desire of serving as a good leader.

Engineer Mwakumbaku

Mwakumbaku is an engineering student but he loves politics more than the engineering career. He has been able to serve at different top positions In his primary and secondary school level of study. He’s among promising youth leaders in Taita Taveta County.

Mwakumbaku has been able to touch many lives of citizens as a leader through Philanthropy. He refers to politics and leadership as a dominant gene in him.

Mondia Margaret (Nyargi Junior)

Mondia can be described as a superb leader.

She was endorsed by Onagi nation as the Sports and Entertainment aspirant in TUMSA 2020/21 executive elections.

She is now a top member of The Impact Alliance (TIA) and also leads the legal team of the Alliance.

While in first year, she was elected as a treasurer in Onagi nation. She was later elected as a chairlady Onagi nation at the beginning of her second year . Again In second year, Mondia was elected as a Parliamenterian serving as a conress Lady in school of Applied. She was later on elected as a congress lady gender representative while in 3rd year.

Jacklinus Otiato (BABALAO)

His political career started several years ago, right from his primary school where he vied for school captain and won. When he went to high school, Sawagongo High, he served as the Deputy Dining Hall Captain in form two, later in form three, vied for the Deputy President and won overwhelmingly. As if that was not enough in form four, he was promoted to the higher rank, The School President. This encouraged him so much to pursue politics in campus.
When he joined campus, a better part of his first year he spent at Kwale where he was admitted for BSMR, later transferred to main Campus for B. Sci in Medical Engineering. In second year he vied for the faculty representative and won where he served in the TUMSA Congress of 2018/2019 as the Faculty Rep, School of Engineering and Technology. While in the house, he presented the Alliance Bill, that was passed by 99.1% of the members. The inclusivity in the government which is made clear by one of the clauses in the bill that states, a communities shall not produce more than three candidates in the formation of an alliance, for instance the government then had almost 6 Kikuyus made him to come up with the bill. Later his people and the comrades at large entrusted him to lead in the position of Sports and Entertainment where he has served to date. While in this position he has achieved a lot that can be seen and some that cannot be seen. Just to mention a few, for the first time, the fresher’s party had a renown artist, he introduced Mr and Miss Fresher TUM. He introduced TUM league, he also introduced TUMSA Awards 2019. He’s now going for TUMSA chair under Impact Alliance.

Being in politics for this while, he says he has to go beyond TUM. Looking at where came from in terms of leadership and politics he ha no doubt this is a blessing that will not end in TUM. Already in his home, everyone calls him MCA, by 2022 he’ll be vying for MCA Kaksingri West Ward, Suba South Constituency.


He’s the Current Academic secretary and a presidential candidate in TUMSA 2020/21 Elections. Harry’s political journey started few years back in high school when he served as a school captain twice but he was much inspired as a leader while in campus.
He has never considered himself a politician but rather a servant.
The political journey has helped him learn alot. How to run, how to hide but most importanly how to listen and serve.
Being very new in the game it has actually been a challenge to Sululu but at some point it served as his motivation, not to quit but to soldier on.

In the few months he has managed to serve as the Academics secretary which has been his best in leadership roles. He picked from a predisesor who had done more harm than good to comrades but with the help of R8 Govt he has managed champion for alot.
Such as Suspension of the New Academic Policy, scrapping of expulsion, review of students handbook, decentralization of logbooks per department, support from county government and many more.

We the little good things that he has w managed to Achieve together with other R-8 govt, we cant say he’s the best but we believe given opportunity he can take this beautiful university of ours to the next level.


Engineer Michael Kamau is a 3rd year student at Technical University of Mombasa taking Bsc.Automotive Engineering. He’s currently vying for Academic secretary in TUMSA 2020/21Executive elections under The Comrades Alliance whose flag bearer is Harry Sululu.

Engineer Kamau is an outstanding politician and a leader who has lead students at different levels since his first day in primary school to date.
In 2009-10, his leadership career started when he was elected the school head boy twice. When he joined secondary school, he was welcomed with a leadership position as a class representative , later on Dining prefect. In 2014-15, he vied for school captain at Kahuhu Senior school and was voted an opposed. Later on, he was expelled from school for leading a strike against unfair expulsion and suspension of students at Kahuhu. In 2016, he then joined Kinangop gateway secondary school, he never gave up as a leader. At this secondary school, Kamau vied for school captain of which he won.

In 2017, Kamau joined Technical University of Mombasa. Still he had ambitions of being s student leader. In 2018, hr became the assistant chairmain of Magumu Ward Tertiary Student’s Organization (MWTSO). In this ward, he was also a delegate for Youths Empowerment program.

In 2018-19, he contested for Nyandarua Tertiary Student’s Organization Presidency. This led him not to continue for his campaigns as a delegate in mechanical department, he therefore endorsed his classmate Godfrey Mwai.
In 2019-20 TUMSA elections, he vied for Delegate in his department. He won as number 1 delegate.
He’s currently the Chairman of Magumu Ward University College Students Organization (MUCSO).


Dr.Slate is 21yrs of age born in the great RiftValley, Kericho county(035). He’s currently vying for Secretary general under Impact Alliance in TUMSA 2020-21 Executive elections


√ 2003-2004
Light and Hope Nursery School. He served as class prefect at his tender age of 4. You could find him doing mathematics. He was suspended for dating 2 girls namely; Toto and Chemingin.

√ 2005-2012
St Teresa Academy. This is where he practiced his leadership skills when he led 900 students in a peaceful demonstration when his mathematics teacher was transfered to another school. It marked the begin of the journey to his good leadership. He diligently served as the school headboy for one and half years. He scored 389 Marks in KCPE 2012.

√ 2013-2014
Joined Nakuru High for his secondary education. He was elected as the chair Drama and Music  Affairs where he served for 8 months. He was later Expelled  awaiting to join form Three after staging a coup’ de’ta meant to overdraw the then school president.

√ 2015-2016
He later joined Angels of Kalyet Boys for his form 3 and 4. He was elected as the School President and he served more than 1500 students. During his reign he faced an Expulsion case for holding a girls party in a boys school. He went to court and his expulsion was canceled after the Judge rule in his favor. It is alleged that Slate gave 12virgins to the judge. He also served as the student athletics regional coordinator for 7 months.
He scored a credible grade of B+(72points) after Matiang’i taxed his results.

√ 2017-CURRENT
Joined the Great Technical University of Mombasa(TUM) for his first degree. He’s a 3rd year student pursing Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory. He’s the current Secretary General of Medical Laboratory Students Association(MELSA). This the only union that fought for students in this department to graduate after 4 years as opposed later graduation after 5yrs.
He was among the strongest aspirants contesting for Sec Gen with more potential delegates during last years TUMSA elections. He later stepped down after some greedy aspirants introduced the Alliance act that forced all aspirants to join alliance. Out of his 35 delegates 25 of them won during the elections.

He is the key founder of Freedom Restoration Movement(FRM). He has been a member of team Tangatanga@ke, MDF@ke and other liberation movement.

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