Pain in the tribal marks; The shocking Yoruba ritual

Yoruba baby during tribe mark ritual [PHOTO|COURTESY]

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We as Africans have evolved overtime, abandoning some of the practices and rituals that our forefathers used to term as a necessity.

From female genital mutilation to body ancient body marks, many African communities abhorred these practices.

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But some of the not so popular  communities are still practicing rituals that may seem to be brutal especially when administered on a child.

Tribal marks are lacerations made on the face and is a practice that seem to be still popular in the western countries, especially the Yoruba tribe.

Woman shows of facial scarification in Yoruba [PHOTO|COURTESY]

These marks are alleged to serve different purposes in different tribes including: identification, healing, spiritual protection and for beautification.

However, with the advent of western religions, most tribes stopped the process because it was deemed unhealthy and pagan.

Woman shows of facial scarification in Yoruba [PHOTO|COURTESY]
In the Yoruba in Nigeria, these incisions were a form of identity as the different parts of the land and various families had distinct ways of making the lacerations on the face.

It was not only a part of culture but a ritual to deter an evil child called Ogbanje from tormenting his earthly parents by being born over again only to die at a particular age.

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The practice of having tribal marks is fading in some parts of Africa.

Individuals who through such rituals, term themselves unfortunate for having these marks and are sometimes ashamed of them and trying to cover them with makeup.

Some even testify that people do not accept them because of the tribal marks as most are ashamed to associate with them.

It is hard to shrug off the Idea that some tribes still practice this, and administer such painful marks on young children.


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