Life Experience that ever hit my well being at 14

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While in primary school, there was this habit of teachers mixing gender while assigning desks to pupils. A desk could be shared among 3 pupils, I there were 2 girls then a boy could seat at the middle and vice versa. You remember those days? My desk we were only 2, a boy and a girl. This was evident that when a new pupil is admitted in standard 8, he or she would be automatically assigned to our desk.

One day in the afternoon, our class teacher came with a new pupil, was a girl, I vividly remember how beautiful she was. She had a sculpted figure which was twice thin. Her waist was taped and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling angel -white teeth gleamed as she blew on her carmine-clean and short finger nails.

I was overwhelmed and welcomed her to our desk. Out class teacher asked me to take her though our what school rules are and how we are used to cope up with daily duties. As I was explaining to her, her enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy heart shaped lips.
As a boy at a tender age of puberty stage, I wanted to know more about this girl. In our conversation, I realized she stay near to our home. As a man, I was happy and overwhelmed, you know what was running in my mind?

After 2 weeks, we had known each other and we’re super open to one another in our conversations so I decided to try my best luck on this beautiful deskmate. It took me like 3 days to win her heart.
On that evening, she asked me to visit her home at around 10pm , her dad was a principal in one of the high school at Nairobi while her mother was a nurse at Kimilili Hospital so she was on a night shift. We planned on how we’ll meet at their home. She told me that I’ll knock the window on the left side of their house when entering their gate. That’s where her room is. All these instructions were to be followed, as a hunter I did.

I remember at home I was sleeping with my grandpa in the same room therefore I had to wait until he’s asleep before I start my mission.
By 9pm, Mzee had fallen asleep therefore, it was the right time to prepare the heist. You know how eager I was? When I arrived in their compound, I did what she had asked me to do I knocked her window once then within some seconds she had opened the door. Guess what, she had put on a black min-skirt , her brown thighs we’re glittering. When I looked at them, see deep thoughts ran in my mind while salivating.

She welcomed me in her room. In her room, she hugged me while looking directly in my eyes, I was tempted untli kissed her red-lips. My left-hand fingers ran through her thighs while the right hand was checking on the size of her breasts.

I threw her on the bed, kissed her while unbuttoning her min-skirt. Her right-hand ran through my chest and deep down on my trouser. I guess she touched a 13 inch snake. She quickly unbuttoned my trouser while I was removing her min-skirt. I guess you know what was about to happen. The next task was to put off her pants. I noticed she had removed my boxer before I did her pants.

I had placed her bra on the pillow, directly to my nose to sniff before the game of death is ignited. When I removed her pants, she lied on 5 by 6 bed, facing upwards while her legs 2 meters apart. You can guess what was next, my penis was erect and hard to be curved. On that night, I heard someone knocking the door, I guessed it was her mother. Only to realize that it was my mum who wanted to send me in the shop to buy her milk so that she could prepare us breakfast. It was a dream. A wet dream.

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