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A model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products, or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography. Modelling is considered to be different from other types of public performance, such as acting or dancing. Here is a list of top models in Kenyan universities in 2020

Eglah-Technical University of Mombasa

Eglah Narome (21) is a student at TUM. She was born and raised in the western part of Kenya. Eglah is a commercial and pageant model who started modelling back in 2014 while in high school talent shows.
In 2017, after het high school she joined modelling fully with support from her family. Her sister Mercy Charity inspired her in this industry, she always got her back.
She has participated in a number of pageants such as the prestigious Miss Magharibi.Miss Webuye where she was Runners up.. Miss Valentines also a Runners up and Miss TUM 1st R.Up 2019.

She chose modelling because as a young girl who was unable to express herself in many ways saw modelling as an opportunity to open a platform for her.
She is looking forward to participate in big pageants such as Miss Tourism Kenya and Miss Universe Kenya.
Her ambition is to empower young souls in the society to become what they aspire to be.
She’d wish to recognise her parents and the CEO charity Models Club as part of her success upto where she is.

Moureen -University of Murang’a

As one of the legendaries in modeling in Murang’a University of Technology, Moureen has more than entered her place in modeling hierarchy.
Her passion in modeling didn’t start in campus just like any other models, she started it right away in high school at St. Mary’s Mission Hospital School where she was encouraged by her friend that she can do it better because she has an American height.

Passion from inside is what encouraged her to model. Moureen says that modeling isn’t about looks but beauty with a purpose. Currently, she’s Miss Murang’a University of technology second runners up. She’s looking forward to be Little Miss Earth Kenya 2020 which voting is underway.

Her aim I to be Miss Universe or Miss world or any other big international pageant.

Click this link to vote Moureen Njoroge

JoyBella- Technical University of Mombasa

Like any other model, Joybela started modeling while in highschool, she practiced this on talent shows and cultural events at Lugulu Girls Highschool where she was once crowned as first runners up. After highschool, her passion in modeling didn’t end. She joined modeling industry at Miss Koch where she was trained in posing, runway skills, grooming and many more.

When she joined campus at Technical University of Mombasa, Joy joined the modeling team. She contested for Miss TUM fresher where she was crowned as first runners up. She chose this field because she had passion in it and she’s much interested in fashion and design.
She’s currently doing high fashion and commercial modeling. Joy’s aim is to top the fashion industry as well as be a role model to future models.

Stanley -Embu University

Stanley Okoth is 3rd year student at Embu University pursuing economics and statistics and a model. He started modeling back in 2018 after being recommended by one of his friends a week to the annual culture festival University of Embu.
He’s currently Mr. Embu University and Glam international finalist. Among other achievements as a model, he has been able to judge some of modeling events like Mr. and Miss. KU Embu, Mr and Miss Tharaka Nithi fashion. His aim is to be Mr World Kenya and continue impacting the future generation in modeling .

Maureen- University of Kabianga

Maureen started modeling during a school cultural week where she could go and watch the contestants having their practices. This got her eye how they did the walks and with time she found herself having much interest in

Choosing to model came in due to it’s several categories and since she had some sense for fashion and design she thought it’d be a better chance for her.
She has achieved not much in modeling but she appreciate the fact that it has made her get to know about the privileges this sector can land one to.
Her aim is still linked to the sense she got for fashion especially African designs and fashions of clothing

Miriam Mumbe-Embu University

Miriam Mumbe is a young Kenyan model from Embu University. She’s among the top models in Kenyan universities whose debut in modeling started just like a joke back in sept 2019 when she joined Embu University. She really wished to take part in modeling when she joined university, but as a first year student, she was afraid to join other models in campus until former Mr. University of Embu noticed that she was too anxious but nobody could introduce her in the field.

She was then introduced, trained and later on she compited for Miss Fresher Embu university where she was ranked as 1st runners up. Currently, she’s Miss Valentine’s Embu county and Miss University of Embu. Her aim as a model is to empower upcoming models and give them hope that there is always light in darkness. She ways that modeling isn’t about body looks but your passion towards it.

Juliet Anyango-UoN

Juliet Anyango is a student at UoN pursuing Bachelors of Science in operation research and a model. Like other models, she started modeling back in high school where she was crowned as Miss Achego.
She grew up watching TV shows like fashion which inspired her to enter the world of modeling. She has had chances to do major runways and worked with several agencies as a model. She tried modeling in UoN chiromo campus in 2017/18 where she was crowned as first runners up.

In 2018/19, she maintained her position. Later she participated in PROM NIGHT KE as queen of condoms where she was crowned the Queen and was then crowned as Miss UoN.
Juliet is looking forward to be one of top models on Kenya and beyond.

Christian Peter

Christian is a model and an actor whose modeling at the moment is by chance. Actually, modeling wasn’t what he wanted to do because back in December 2018 he was involved in an accident which left him in a messy shape. This made him lose confidence and lowered his self esteem in the modeling field. But later on, he decided to do it.

Since he entered in the field, he has achieved more as a model. He’s currently Mr. Valentines Kale and Mr MG Africa. He’s looking forward to start an agency where he’ll nature people with talents in acting and modeling.

Sharon – Embu University

Sharon Nakamet started modeling when she was 18 years old. Her first pageant was a school pageant at University of Embu as a first year in 2018 when she was crowned as Miss Fresher University of Embu 2018/2019. So far she has been crowned with different titles.
• Miss Fresher University of Embu 2018/2019
• Miss Valentine’s Embu county 2019
• Little Miss Earth Embu county
• 1st runner’s up Queen of Catwalk Kenya

Her aim is to promote talent and help the less fortunate in the society. winning a national pageant and represent Kenya internationally is her dream.

Vincent – UoN

Gichandi vincent is a student UoN, who started modelling last year. His first event was mr and miss fresher uon cavs. His love for fashion triggered the passion when he was doing tailoring as a short course after form 4 . He chose Modeling because he love art. Hes is also a spoken word artist and actor .
As a model, he not achieved much but he is thriving hard to get something from it. Currentl, he’s mr fresher UoN. Earlier this year, he participated in the Mr. UoN though I didn’t crowned.

He is now contesting on a online modelling competition as Mr outstanding kenya 🇰🇪. His aim as a model is to shape Modeling as a respected art and change people’s idea that modelling is all about beauty and being naked but there is more in modeling like brains and a fashionable heart

Judith Atieno

Judith Atieno Agollah, started modelling back in high school as a co-curriquliam activity. She chose modelling because she has got passion for modelling. since her childhood, she knew she’d be a model.
So far she has not been able to achieve something big because she not got a platform to showcase herself.
Her aim is to become a top model not just in kenya but in the whole world.


Priyanka is a student at RVIST (Rift valley Institute of Science and Technology Nakuru).
She started modeling when she was in form two, though she wasn’t rowned that year, still she had passion and did it again in form four and crowned as Miss Cardinal Otunga Girls 2017.
She chose modeling because it completes her, its what make her feel good about herself, she also chose it to show people that they can achieve their dreams by hard work.

So far, she has attended and contested in many pageants currently she isMiss Popularity Face of Turbo. And still want to achieve more.
Her aim is to communicate to the outside world and make people around the world to appreciate the beauty of blacks and make them never to look down upon Africans.

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