I slept on the coach, while he cheated in the bedroom

African American woman with Stress and depression [PHOTO|COURTESY]

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Once in a while, we find ourselves stuck in relationships that are not working, but still, we are willing to do all it takes to save it.

Sometimes the once we love, are the once who hurt us the most, but still, we want to be around them, because we feel safe with them.

Fret not, that is what we call love.

But have you ever asked yourself if the love is worth everything you do?

I have recently received a distressing story from one lady who wished to remain anonymous.

According to her, she has been cheated on by her partner countless times over the past years that they have been together.

Normal, you might say?, not until she revealed details of how frustrated she had been.

According to the lady, her partner allegedly cheated on her during her visit to his house.

Below is the ladies agonizing story.


WhatsApp conversation [PHOTO|COURTESY]
” I would like you to publish my story, I hope you do do not mind me not mentioning my name.

“I have a boyfriend, I love him so much I’d do anything for him, but all he does is cheat, I’ve forgave him a couple of times thinking h’ell change, but no. Jana I went to his place, he did not know I was coming, once I got there, he acted so weird.”

“He couldn’t let me go to the bedroom so i decided to spend the night there, Usiku he brought me blankets and told me to sleep on the coach saying that he has a bad flu and did not want to get me the flu.”

In the middle of the night shit got real. Alikua na another female huko kwa bedroom. The guy did not even care that I was there, they made all sorts of noise doing there isht nikiwa to sitting room, I started crying nkigonga mlango and he did nothing. Nlitoka kwake at around 5am. Am tired of crying, but i really love this guy, i cry everyday because of him, what should I do?” her text read.

I have seen people stuck in a toxic relationship for over 5-10 years, investing time, energy, money and love to a relationship that is fading.

I have seen females cry and beg for love and attention from their partners, I have seen men depressed all in the name of love.

I am here to tell you, it shouldn’t be so hard to love, to care, to respect.

People say, ‘every relationship has its ups and down’, am no specialist but I sure know how to think straight and know when a relationship is sinking and cant be saved.

If you spend most of your time trying so hard to please, explaining too much or crying too much, you should run so fast and never look back.



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