Campus Relationships

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Campus couples

Campus relationships is just like any other task in campus but with a lot of brainteasers and dubiety. I can recall the first week we joined at the Technical University of Mombasa, some two weeks after, every student had already realized that campus is a place to find love, engage and date at the same time. This is true because the Dean of students had opened everyone’s eyes in his speech at the students center therefore it had reached a point where people cohabit and decided to be together as a couple.

Despite the fact that this kind of relationship is just like any other task, there are a lot you can learn. You can learn different types of relationships and so forth.

Campus couples

Here is a number or couples in campus

  • Celebrity couple

This is a couple that involves the two most known students on campus. They might be both student leaders who are well known by the majority of students. They can also be models or artists in the university . This relationship is always clear to the whole student fraternity.

  • Same course couple

Classes in Kenyan Universities always bring up a couple. It is always hard to maintain this type of relationship but they do exist in the long run. Although there is much onslaught from other students on dating a class mate, this kind of couple always puts up with everything including seeing each other for 24 hours. They go to meal together after class, you can find them studying together in the library or seating next to each other.

  • Drama couple
Drama couples

This is the complete opposite of the Goals couple. There is always something to say about this couple. They match clothes sometimes, walk arm in arm and sometimes fight in public! This couple always causes uproar among the students but not in a likeable way but in a ‘I want to know what they did today’ way. They are a show off couple wanting to be known as dating among students when all they are attracting is attention.

  • Roommate couple
Roommate couples

Some students move in with each other in their first few weeks in college or later. They grow into roommates and become a couple. Their default status ends in a relationship that they cannot hide from the students. They are seldom talked about because they always attract too little or no attention at all.

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